What’s Up Wednesday!

Howdy! I seriously just go so far behind on here, I kind of gave up on ever catching up. I am beginning to realize, though, I don’t have to catch up for all the months of 2016 so maybe I’ll just do a hi-lite post soon. In the meantime, I am back with another What’s Up Wednesday! Today I am linking up with Mix and Match Mama and Sheaffer Told me To.

1. What we’re eating this week: My friend sent me a week of Green Chef meals, and I am excited to get our first box tonight! I selected the Paleo option since it is better for my PCOS. If this goes well, maybe we will sign up for real! We did do Hello Fresh for a while, but finally stopped because we had a lot of boxes where the meats had leaked or stuff went bad. It definitely makes things easier when you take out the meal planning and shopping!

2. What I’m reminiscing about: The Facebook “On This Day” just reminded me that it was this day 2 years ago when Ryder took his first steps. Excuse me while I go cry over my bitty baby! Everyday Ryder blows me away with something new. He is growing up so stinking fast!

3. What I’m loving: Califia Farms Almond Milk Creamer. One of the hardest things for me the first time I gave up dairy was finding ways to still drink my coffee (I like a little coffee with my creamer). This stuff has been a life saver. It definitely isn’t as thick or rich as dairy creamer, but I am getting used to that and almost prefer it now! I find this creamer at Target.

4. What we’ve been up to: I told a friend the other day that I feel like I spend most of my time trying to keep us busy! I love making memories with our little family. On Saturday we took a day trip to the zoo in Abilene. It was fun! Ryder was great in the car, and did pretty well at the zoo. We will have to go back this Summer. We also did several fun things over Spring Break including painting pottery and a trip to Joyland! In our spare time we try to go out and visit Ryder’s horse. He’s getting pretty good about wanting to see her and give her treats. He also rode her for a minute a couple of weeks ago.


5. What I’m dreading: a super hot Summer! I feel like it has stayed unseasonably warm lately. I do love being able to play outside with Ryder, but I hate sweating. Hopefully it will stay in the 80s for a while longer.

6. What I’m working on: So many things. Right now, though, I am trying to raise money for the March of Dimes again. It has been something near and dear to my heart since Ryder was born. I had planned to take the year off, but after a friend suffered her second stillbirth I decided to walk in her sons’ honor. You can help me by donating here.

7. What I’m excited about: We are going on a cruise at the end of April! I am dreading leaving Ryder behind for over a week, but I am excited to go to 2 new ports that I’ve never seen before! We will be sailing the Eastern Caribbean.

8. What I’m watching/reading: Well our favorite shows: Timeless and This is Us are over for now so we had to find something new. We have watched all 6 episodes of Trial and Error so far and love it. It is so off the wall that it is funny! I think we have also seen enough Dateline’s and Investigate Discovery to appreciate all of the jokes. My mom and I also saw Beauty and the Beast during Spring Break and I loved it so much that I can’t wait to see it again! 

I have had an intense reading list this Spring. I am currently doing two Bible studies: How People Change and Gospel in Life. I have had so many “ah ha” moments out of Gospel in Life especially. In this last week this stuck with me the most, “He shows us that the way to lead is to serve.” I also have It Starts With Food and Intentional Parenting in my stack to read. We went to a great parenting conference in February, and I bought several of Sissy Goff and David Thomas‘ books!

9. What I’m listening to: a lot of Silly Songs with Larry 😉

10. What I’m wearing: So here’s the deal, I gave up shopping for Lent. I know, jaws are dropping. I wanted to save money, and I know that truthfully there is nothing I need. I did allow myself to buy things with a gift card I got for Christmas, though, since it was not my money 😉 I just ordered this shirt, and I think it will be perfect for our cruise. I even saved some money on my gift card to hold me over in case I need to shop again in the next 2 weeks!

11. What I’m doing this weekend: Eeeek! I am so excited for this weekend! My mom and I are going to the Hotel Garza in Post to do a murder mystery night! It is a roaring 20s theme, so I ordered us these accessories from Amazon!

12. What I’m looking forward to next month: We have something going on every weekend in April! It will be busy, but fun! I am looking forward to Easter, the March for Babies, oh and of course the cruise!

13. What else is new: lots more big changes are coming soon. I have a lot of thinking to do between now and the end of Summer. Good thing I have a graduate course to teach in June! That should keep my mind off things.

I promise I will work on this blog more, so until next time friends.






What’s Up Wednesday


Well the good news is I have not fallen off the face of the planet, the bad news is I just lost my blog mojo. I have lots of ideas for posts in my head, then I find other more exciting things to do like clean out drawers and cabinets! I figure a link up is the best way to dive back in, so here goes…


What we’re eating this week– Still lots of take out. Ryder’s favorite meal is “macamoney at my house”. He would eat it for breakfast if we let him! So there’s that. I have been slowly committing to the PCOS/paleo diets. I try to make eggs for breakfast, and my lifesaver has been this Califia Farms almond milk creamer. Go getcha some, you’ll thank me.

What I’m reminiscing about– my wittle baby boy…. always. It really does go by in a blink folks. All of our NICU days have been showing up in my Time Hop, and they have me like 😭

What I’m loving- Lularoe and Lipsense. I am one to avoid the craze at all costs, but these got to me. I mean leggings and lipgloss are a girl’s love language! #amiright I am fortunate, or in trouble, that I have close friends/family who can supply me with my needs! Here I am with an actual lip color on since I used to only wear tinted balms. 

What we’ve been up to– School, church, MOPS, work, and repeat! We have been staying busy but nothing particularly new. Ryder is doing GREAT in his gymnastics class, and I love seeing how excited he gets for it. His version of the cartwheel is my favorite! 😍

What I’m dreading– Ryder has a dentist appointment coming up. He has gotten ever so slightly better about letting doctors look in his mouth, but I don’t have high hopes for an actual cleaning! #whitecoatsyndromeisreal

What I’m working on– ye old blog. I have started and not finished a few posts, so I am going to just bite the bullet and get it going again.

What I’m excited about– Chad and his dad earned us another trip on a cruise. I am excited that this time we are going to destinations I have never been to before! We will be stopping in Nassau, Charlotte Amalie, and Basseterre. We spent our one year anniversary in Nassau, so it will be fun to go back. I am super excited, though, to go to St. Thomas and St. Kitts! I am also excited that this will be a trip for just me and Chad. Ryder will stay with my parents.

What I’m watching/reading– Still watching and loving This is Us. Chad also got me hooked on Timeless. That show can be intense! I am also loving American Housewife, because Katy Mixon’s character is all of us. I actually have a few new books to read! Our small group is going to do a study on How People Change. I will report back on that book later. I also finally purchased It Starts with Food.

What I’m listening to– Well Ryder got quite a few movies for Christmas, and after we did a solid 2 weeks with Secret Life of Pets, his current go-to is Zootopia. Since the Try Everything song was constantly in my head, I finally downloaded it. I feel that it is a bit of our anthem right now.

What I’m wearing– See above about Lularoe. My favorite look right now is a Carly with my leggings and booties.

What I’m doing this weekend– My friends and I are headed to a wine tasting class in the big city of Levelland at Triology Cellars. I have been wanting to try their Malbec, so I am eagerly awaiting the class!

What I’m looking forward to next month– So many things! My birthday, Valentine’s Day, my birthday, and a new women’s Bible study I signed up for! We are also going to a parenting conference in February. I think it will be a good month for us.

What else is new– I officially have a 3 year old now! Even though it has already been a month, that is a new development since last I blogged!

Until next time friends.







The Best Baby Hats!

Since I have so many new and expecting mommas in my life, I thought I would finally get this post up!   image-1

I first saw Infanteenie Beenie hats on this blog. I loved that they were cute and functional! When we learned that Ryder would likely be born early, I went ahead and ordered a couple of hats for him. Little did we know he would be born 8 weeks early the very next day! Read that story here.


When Ryder was in the NICU he was not able to wear any clothes until he was at least 4 pounds and could maintain his temperature. Since he was so long and skinny it took a  couple of weeks. I was so glad I had these hats in the meantime, because they were the only thing he was allowed to wear.


The NICU nurses loved them too. In a way it made me feel more like he was ours than just another baby in the NICU.


The hats fit his teeny tiny head great, and they washed great! We had an unfortunate incident with Polyvisol and his feeding tube one night, but a little Oxiclean got it right out. I was so relieved since this hat was part of his homecoming outfit!


I have since gifted these hats to fellow NICU mommas, but they are great for full term babies too. They are made to fit all babies’ heads (Ryder was wearing them at 3 lbs, 5 lbs, and 7 lbs). I love that the girl ones have the cute bows without having to find a headband that won’t slip and slide!


If all of that isn’t enough, my own sweet babe is a model on her Etsy site, here and here.  ;-).


So I mean what are you waiting for, go stock up at her Etsy shop here!


*I bought these hats on my own, and all opinions are my own. I was later compensated for a review. Professional photos were done by Paper Moon Photography. 

Until next time friends.

Friday Favorites

TGIF!!! I am linking up with Momfessionals for Friday Favorites today. I promise more regular blog posts are coming soon!


First favorite:

Ryder is now in a “big boy” bed! We have a crib that converts to a toddler then full size bed. He has never climbed out of his crib, and actually loves it so we kept putting this off. Surprisingly he has slept great all week and has not gotten up once! We even have to go tell him to get up in the mornings. Fingers crossed naps are just as smooth this weekend.

img_3077 img_3083

Second favorite:

The fair! We actually went to the fair 2 nights this week. We went Monday night and it was perfection. It was cool and cloudy, and no one was there! No lines, no crowds, fair food and rides! We accidentally got 2 extra tickets on Monday night, so we went back Tuesday night. It was dollar ride night and the weather was great, so it was packed! There were crazy lines to get in, get food, and get ride tickets. Ryder did great both nights and loved the rides. He kept a straight face, but kept asking for more!

img_3218img_3173 img_3187   img_3169 img_3152 img_3114 img_3104

Third favorite:

Football! We went to the game last night sans child and it was nice! The weather was nice, and the wine was nicer 😉 I also love that Ryder did great with new sitters last night, my cousin and soon to be new cousin. Our parents usually keep him, so I can’t remember the last time he stayed with a non-grandparent.

img_3241  img_3234img_3232 img_3235






Fourth favorite:

This is Us on NBC. I mean those endings though! Sheesh, can’t get enough! I have also been renewing my love of Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

THIS IS US -- Pilot -- Pictured: (l-r) Mandy Moore as Rebecca, Milo Ventimiglia as Jack -- (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

Fifth favorite:

Halloween costumes! I have ordered and received both of Ryder’s costumes for this year. Here is a sneaky peek….


Until next time friends.


PCOS Awareness Month

PCOS Awareness Infographic (PRNewsFoto/PCOS Challenge, Inc.)

In honor of September being PCOS awareness month, I thought I would re-share my initial journey with PCOS. Click here to read the full story: https://whizdoms.wordpress.com/2014/04/11/our-journey-to-pregnancy-part-2/

PCOS continues to impact my life and our ability to grow our family. I am currently back on Metformin, and hope to find the means and motivation to stick to the PCOS diet (no dairy, no carbs, no sugar, no starches/i.e. paleo).

I am open for questions or discussions if any of you are struggling or believe you might be struggling with PCOS yourself!


Until next time friends.

What’s Up Wednesday


In an effort to lighten things up around here I thought I would link up with Mix and Match Mama for What’s Up Wednesday! My previous What’s Up Wednesday post is here. I do want to say thank you, though, to everyone who has commented, messaged, and texted me about yesterday’s post! We are all in this together ladies!

WUWquestions-edit-969x1024What we’re eating this week– OUT, like all of our meals. It is ridiculous y’all! Chad has been obsessed with our new Indian food place (Tikka Shack) lately, and I have been loving Chipotle.

What I’m Reminiscing About– Where did my baby go? Ryder seems to grow up more each day. He is such a big kid sometimes!


What I’m Loving– I have  been obsessed with blackberry lemonades from Sonic this Summer. Also, I am loving the cooler weather (just not all of the rain).

What we’ve been up to– Chad and I went to Ruidoso by ourselves a couple of weeks ago! It was a nice little getaway. Chad had a blast on the go carts! Other than that it is the same old same old.


What I’m dreading– Potty training Ryder. Is that bad? I am really not looking forward to the training part. We have started a little, but we are definitely not committed yet.

What I’m working on– new blog posts 😉 Also, making a schedule/plan for my new job next week!

What I’m excited about– Joining a new MOPS group next week!

What I’m watching/reading– So I have been collecting quite a stack of books this Summer. I really hope to dive in soon! They include: Strong Willed Child, Have a new Kid by Friday, Switch on your Brain, and Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World. Sensing a trend? I have also been eyeing: Uninvited and Miracle Morning. As far as what we’ve been watching it was two full weeks of the Olympics! We are also excited that Camp Cutthroat is back!

What I’m listening to– My current favorite song is Something Wild by Andrew McMahon and Lindsey Stirling . I am a sucker for songs with lots of strings and piano.

What I’m wearing– So a friend got me hooked on LuLaRoe this Summer, and I cannot get enough! I looooovvvveee the leggings and Irmas! I also like the fun Cassie skirts. I was so excited to find this one because it is fun and classy!

13620888_146326325791979_5830094841648284670_n IMG_2465

What I’m doing this weekend– I am off on a solo trip to Yuma, Arizona! My bestie lives out there, and I have not been in far too long! I am excited to visit the land of dates and have a night all to myself in a hotel 😉 I am also excited to get in lots of baby snuggles with her latest addition.

What I’m looking forward to next month– Texas Tech football! Guns up! Wreck ‘Em! Ryder is excited too, I mean how adorable is here in his Tech gear? I am just a little sad I am missing the season opener this weekend.

E2 P9 P14

What else is new- I start my part-time job next week! You can read all about that here.

Well that was a down and dirty catch up!

Until next time friends.